Another one turning ONE

This family had a little one turning one as well and we did this in a new location which was SO REFRESHING to me. Seems like I've had the same location requested for the last several sessions and it's always refreshing to shoot somewhere new . . . I especially loved this blue wall - it gives such a freshness to the picture and just makes this little one glow!

And little miss one is taking her first steps. I love the raised arms for balance and her shyness.


J and Company said...

Hi, I met you at Lindy's party and just saw the pictures on her blog and they are beautiful! Just wondered if you used an f1.8 lens? I'm thinking of getting one.

Daisy said...

No, in fact, I just use my lens that came with the camera - 28-70mm. I'm scrimping for a new lens and debating between a wider angle and a portrait lens. I'd love to know more about what you do. What lens do you use?