Last Minute Creativity

My dear friend Christine and I have had countless phone conversations about how much we looked forward to spending time with our families in fall 2010 and how we'd take each others' pictures. I swore to clear the calendar completely and enjoy the weekend with just them. And I did a good job until a few weeks before their arrival when we had an unexpected and unchangeable shift in plans. Our week was full of doctor's visits and all of those necessary emergency things you can't take off of the to-do list. We still had one evening to work with and we were planning to head to our favorite canyon to take in the fall colors and capture their family in the the beautiful scenery and light. Then another emergency in their family changed those plans and we went searching for possibilities close to home an hour before they had to leave town early. Despite the time crunch and disappointment in not being able to go to the canyon, I'm thankful I was forced to get creative in a new location. And I'm thankful I got to spend time with this darling family. Here's a peak at some of my favorites:


Jessica said...

BEAUTIFUL pics Daisy and beautiful people!

Rebecca said...

I love this session! I think it may be one of my favorites... great works!