The Phunny Phillips

We had the pleasure of taking pictures of one of my dearest college friends and her family. No offense to my twenty-some other roommates over the years, but Tara still gets the prize for being the most hilarious. It runs in her family and they haven't lost one ounce of their humor. Although these pictures may not look anything out of the ordinary, we were busting up laughing for most of the shoot. Thanks, you guys, for letting us share an evening with you . . . and for reminding me how blessed I was to have such wonderful friends in college . . . and today!


Yadira said...

Daisy, these pictures are GREAT! you are getting better and better every day!!

Robin said...

You found the Art of Photography !!!

Rebecca said...

Thanks so much for your comment! It's so crazy how we are randomly connected, but in very similar situations! The chicken with his head cut off feeling is TOTALLY mutual! Good luck with your new positions - sounds exciting!

I'll keep your blog bookmarked. You have great photos!