'Tis the Season

We are excited to announce our first Christmas Giveaway drawing. Comment here or email us to join a drawing for a free Christmas Session with A&D Photography. Please give us your name, email address, and phone number. The final winner will be drawn on Monday, November 26, 2007.

We also have one more opening available in December. Contact us at andphotography00@gmail.com to schedule an appointment.


Christine said...

Name: Christine Velasco
email: losvelasco@gmail.com
phone: 208-521-7101

I would like to be entered into the drawing, please. Thank you :)

Kel Daugherty said...

I love the big red barn picts too! If I win can I gift my win to someone, or will you travel to a location of my choice? =) Wish me luck!
phone 336-697-1082

Daisy said...

I wish I could travel to NC to take your pics! But since I can't, you can gift it to someone in the Salt Lake City area!

Christian & Jennifer said...

Name: Jennifer Johansen
Email: johansenclan@gmail.com
phone: 904-338-0623

Enter me, baby! I wanna WIN!!!!!

nursejohnson said...

Please enter The Johnson Family into the drawing. Kelly's other sister. Thanks Daisy.
Kristin Johnson 801-756-3487.

nursejohnson said...

Please enter the Johnson Family into the drawing. Thanks.

Yadira said...

Please enter our baby Aaron into the drawing. Your pictures are very beautiful!!!! Gracias!!!

Brigham & Yadira Budd

Chipa said...

Count me in on the contest!!
Melissa Chipman

Jessica said...

We're in baby!
LOVE the pics!

Lori said...

OH WOW! I love the stuff you did for Lindy!

Lori Van Wagoner

Mi Piace said...

Count me in on the contest as well!!

Brynn Piacitelli

Crossing my fingers...

Tiffany Hunt said...

Tiffany Hunt

Jillian said...

Jillian Cluff

Kim said...

Oh how great!

Merilee said...

Merilee Adams
Email: ladybugmerilee@yahoo.com
Phone: 298-1811

Enter me, please. I wanna be ENTERED!!! Pick Me! Pick Me!

Katie said...

Name: Katie Kulbeth
Email: kmkulbeth@gmail.com
Phone: 801-722-4373

I want to be entered, too!

Kate Walker said...


Hi! Kelly emailed me about this drawing and I totally want to enter! I love your work and can't wait to use you......even if I don't win the drawing!

Thanks for the chance!

Kate Walker

Amy Huffaker said...

Amy Huffaker

Thanks for the opportunity!!!

Jennifer Savage said...

Could we be entered in your contest? My name is Jennifer Savage. Thank you so much!